Voter Registration Status Information

Check you voter registration before election day!

At the last EPNC meeting, it came to light that some long time voters had been removed from active registration for some reason.  While this is easy enough to fix with enough lead time and should not prevent anyone from voting, it is worth checking on your registration status in advance.  This can be easily done by visiting:

All you have to enter is your last name, date of birth, street address number and zip code and it will show you your status as active or not.

November 6 is election day.  This represents so much this year, so please get familiar with everything on the ballot and most importantly show up and vote!  Prop 10 and Measure B are of particular interest to the community, as both would serve to allow local  government to be more responsive to needs the community has expressed concerns about for quite a while.  Big business is on one side of both of these issues, so there is a lot of publicity that is not exactly what I would call accurate about them.  Please take a minute to look into them.

Also November 6 is an exciting day for community meetings: our own Public Safety committee with the assistance of Public Matters will be hosting a discussion about the changes to Temple Street that the City is planning.  If you use this street with any regularity, you should consider attending, 7 pm 1226 N Alvarado at Reservoir.