Planning & Land Use Committee (PLUC)

PLUC Mission Statement:   PLUC welcomes all discretionary city planning applications that sit within the Echo Park Neighborhood Council boundaries to present their project for public comment, discussion, and recommendations. PLUC strives to preserve our neighborhood’s natural spaces and historic architectural character by encouraging projects that are high quality, environmentally sensitive, and respectful of neighbors.

PLUC Objectives:   PLUC asks applicants to help our neighborhood develop sustainably and purposefully by building projects that:

-Restore, renovate, or reuse buildings with historic character, rather than demolish
-Respect neighbors by considering massing, scale, shadow, setback, and impact
-Preserve architectural elements, topographic features, and mature trees
-Create a landscape plan with ample space for mature trees and native plants
-Apply a pedestrian-oriented design strategy that activates a building at street level
-Utilize environmental construction materials and techniques
-Foster a good relationship and open dialogue with neighbors
-Develop high-quality, affordable, ADA housing units whenever possible
-Contribute to the architectural quality of Echo Park

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Archive of Planning & Land Use Committee Agendas:

01.14.20 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

12.10.19 | No PLUC Meeting in December.

11.12.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

10.08.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

09.10.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

08.13.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

07.09.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

06.11.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

05.14.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

04.09.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

03.12.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

02.12.19 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

No meeting in January 2019

12.11.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

11.13.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

10.09.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

No meeting in September 2018

08.14.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

07.10.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

06.12.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

05.08.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

04.10.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

03.13.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

02.13.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

01.09.18 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

12.12.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

11.14.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

10.10.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

09.12.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

08.08.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

07.11.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

06.13.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

05.10.17 | Agenda & Supporting Documents

03.22.2017 | Agenda

03.08.2017 | Agenda | Flyer English and Spanish | Reference

02.08.2017 | Agenda | Flyer English and Spanish | Reference

01.11.2017 | Agenda | Minutes | Reference

12.02.2016 | Agenda | Minutes



The Echo Park Community Design Overlay District (CDO) Plan provides guidelines and standards for public and private development projects within the District. The intent of the CDO District is to provide guidance and direction in the design of new buildings and the rehabilitation and repair of existing homes and buildings that contribute to an attractive community with a walkable and desirable residential neighborhood. In addition, the CDO would protect the culturally and architecturally significant architecture of the area, including the historic development pattern of the community as a streetcar suburb. These Guidelines and Standards bring about an overall pedestrian orientation and neighborhood beautification for the Echo Park Neighborhood.

Echo Park Community Design Overlay District Guidelines [PDF]

EPNC Planning & Land use Developer Guidelines and Information Sheet [PDF]



Often called Los Angeles’ first suburb, the hilltop residential area of Angelino Heights lies two miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, near the communities of Echo Park and Silver Lake. The area was planned as a respectable, genteel Victorian neighborhood for Los Angeles’ late 19th century upper-middle class. The first designated HPOZ in the city, Angelino Heights contains some of the best remaining examples of Victorian-era architectural styles in Los Angeles, as well as later examples of Craftsman and Mission Revival styles. Located within the HPOZ, the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and contains the highest concentration of 19th century Victorian homes in Los Angeles.

Angelino Heights Survey Map [PDF]

Angelino Heights Preservation Plan [PDF]

The Angelino Heights HPOZ Board, comprised of local stakeholders with expertise in building, architecture, preservation and real estate, meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, though meetings are canceled if there are no business items to discuss. Meetings take place at 534 East Edgware Road, Los Angeles, CA 90062. Agendas for HPOZ meetings can be found here.

Office of Historic Resources

A Guide to Los Angeles’ Historic Preservation Overlay Zones [PDF]

Caring For Your Historic Home [PDF}

Echo Park Neighborhood Council